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If you are a fan of Borderlands and love to dive into the world of this amazing game but are missing lots of things because you are not spending a lot on this game to unlock different perks then today I have good news for you Borderlands fans because we got a big number of codes which are allowing their user to unlock amazing stuff with in-game for free so if you are waiting for such codes then today you are lucky and I am going to describe all the details related to BL3 codes like a hoe to get and how to use them so follow me till the end if you want to redeem the perks coming with these codes successfully.

Are you looking for Free Borderlands 3 Permanent Codes, Borderlands 3 Shift Codes, Borderlands 3 DLC, Borderlands 3 Key, or Borderlands 3 Redeem Codes? Borderlands 3 Permanent and New Shift Codes. Borderlands 3 Shift Codes Golden Keys. Games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Free Fire already have a huge player base and the same players base this game on their favorite list.

Borderlands 3

This is a first-person role-playing action game developed by Gearbox Software and available for PC, Xbox, Playstation, etc. Borderland 3 provides you with the best guns and adventure experience. Today, this article will provide you with the latest unexpired shift Codes with the expected date of expiration for Borderlands 3 DLC, Borderlands 3 Key, Borderlands 3 Redeem Codes, etc.

We have compiled a list of all new and permanent Shift Codes to facilitate the game players. Shift Codes are used to unlock free rewards like Legendary weapons, golden Keys, skins, Guns, and Loot. etc.

Borderlands 3 Game Review

Borderlands 3 is a first-person role-playing action game that was developed by Gearbox Software and released for a variety of platforms, including PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The game is set in the world of Borderlands, a place known for its vast array of wacky and powerful guns. Its amazing visuals and unique environment is making gamers more attracted to this game these days and if you are following this gaming nicely then I am sure that you are aware of how a trending game this is on Twitch, kick, and Youtube gaming

Borderlands 3 Features

One of the standout features of Borderlands 3 is its gunplay. The game has an impressive variety of guns to choose from, each with its own unique abilities and stats. This helps to keep the gameplay fresh and exciting, as you never know what kind of crazy weapon you’ll come across next.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay Experience

In terms of gameplay, Borderlands 3 follows the same formula as its predecessors: players explore a vast open world, complete quests, and fight off enemies using a variety of weapons and abilities. The game’s story follows a group of vault hunters as they search for the ultimate treasure, known as the “vault.” Along the way, players will encounter a variety of characters, both good and bad, as they try to uncover the secrets of the vault.

One thing that sets Borderlands 3 apart from other games in the genre is its sense of humor. The game is filled with jokes and pop culture references, making it a fun and entertaining experience for players. The game also features co-op multiplayer, allowing you to team up with friends and take on the game’s challenges together.

Borderlands 3 Overall Experience

Overall, Borderlands 3 is a fantastic game that provides players with an exciting and action-packed adventure. Its vast array of guns and sense of humor make it a standout title in the genre. If you’re a fan of first-person shooters and enjoy a good laugh, Borderlands 3 is definitely worth checking out.


Borderlands 3 Redeem Codes | Borderlands 3 Shift Codes Golden Keys

These free resources are made available on special occasions to attract players. The Codes and Keys are shared on some social media platforms, communities, or through special announcements. Therefore, we try our best to arrange all the new and permanent codes and keys on a single platform.

Borderlands 3 Shift Codes:

Shift CodeGolden KeysPlatformExpiration Date
KSWJJ-J6TTJ-FRCF9-X333J-5Z6KJ5AllJune 28, 10:00a Central Time
KSK33-S5T33-XX5FS-R3BTB-WSXRC3AllJune 28, 10:00a Central Time
WSCBT-R5BB3-66KX9-F3JBT-ZW3JK5AllJune 28, 10:00a Central Time
KZKJB-C5BTT-RXW69-XJ33B-5JRBS3AllJune 28, 10:00a Central Time
KHWTB-3CBJB-6XWFZ-6B3BB-T5CCJ3AllJune 28, 10:00a Central Time
CZKTB-6BTJ3-R6KRZ-6B3TT-RX5ZH5AllJune 28, 10:00a Central Time
CS5JB-CTTBB-FFWXZ-FJ3BT-TC6R35AllJune 28, 10:00a Central Time
CSWJT-FS9H9-W6KFS-R3TTT-RFCHR1AllJune 28, 10:00a Central Time
KZKBB-5HZ9S-CFKR9-RJ3T3-JBTK65AllJune 28, 10:00a Central Time
K95BT-B99H9-CX5XH-RTJB3-C6SJX5AllJune 28, 10:00a Central Time
CZ5JT-HFH99-KXKRZ-6BTJJ-BS5WB5AllJune 28, 10:00a Central Time
W5KBJ-ZZZKR-XHTFB-B33T3-5FWJH5AllJune 28, 10:00a Central Time
59W3T-JC3SZ-C6CXH-XJJJT-WHXRX3AllJune 28, 10:00a Central Time
5SK3B-S9HFH-CR56Z-6TJJT-CSR5B3AllJune 28, 10:00a Central Time
CHWJ3-XKHCH-K6KXZ-XT3TT-6HB665AllJune 28, 10:00a Central Time
WH5TT-CWZ5Z-WXWR9-63BB3-ZWBR33AllJune 26, 10:00a Central Time
CJ5T3-X3JBB-SJWZC-HJ5T3-SXTK63AllMay 24, 10:00a CDT
CTKB3-3TTB3-ZTWH5-9T5JJ-3TSH93AllMay 18, 10:00a (US Central)
C3KTJ-WF9SK-F9F6H-56TT3-CZ6FR10AllApril 10
CTWJB-H5HSW-R96RS-5R3BB-H33K55All11:59 pm PT on April 8
9XCBT-WBXFR-5TRWJ-JJJ33-TX53Z1AllNever Expire
Z65B3-JCXX6-5JXW3-3B33J-9SWT61AllNever Expire
CTWBT-RKZZ5-6S6XS-WR33T-RHZ593AllMarch 16
C35TJ-WH9Z9-X3KSC-S3KBT-J99ZB3AllFebruary 24
K3WBT-B5ZHZ-63CZC-S35JT-F3FT63AllFebruary 20
5JWBT-FT9ZZ-FBC95-935JT-RTFRR3AllJanuary 31

How to Use Borderlands 3 Shift Codes?

There are two ways and you can use any of them.

One: Go to >> SHIFT >> Redeem Codes >> OR Insiders >>Redeem Code or Click Here. Choose the option according to the kind of code you have and enter the code. Your redemption points will be added instantly.

Two: Go to >> Insiders >> Activities or Click Here. Scroll down towards getting started & activities. Choose the option according to the kind of code you have and enter the code. Your redemption points will be added instantly.

To activate your subscription, simply log in at Epic Games or to your console.

Some of the above codes are available for a limited time period, that’s why you should redeem them as earliest as possible.

Did Not Get free Code: We Have Another Simple Way to Earn Them

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What to do?

Many people buy these subscriptions to stay up to date with their favorite games, but some of them do not get all of the benefits that come along with paying for their subscription or do not have enough money to buy these games or skins.

If you’re looking for a way to enjoy your favorite games for free on Xbox, PC, Mobile, Playstations, etc., or even earn money whilst doing it, then simply join the Free Reward program.

Borderlands 3 Gameplay

(Video Credit: theRadBrad)


These shift codes will help you to succeed in the game. Some of the above codes may have a shorter life as compared to others. If you face any issues while redeeming these codes, you may contact us through the comments section.

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