State of Survival Codes (Updated) Free Diamonds

State of Survival codes
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State of Survival

Looking for some magical codes for SOS that after redemption give free diamonds then you are at the right place because we have a list of SOS codes that we are going to share with you guys today if you are really a dedicated player of this game and you want the SOS codes to get free diamonds then today free codes are going to fulfill your needs and if you are a player who doesn’t want to spend real money on this game but wants to buy the perks which this game offers then the code which we will share today will give you this opportunity so follow us till the end where we are going to tell you not only about getting the codes but also on how to redeem them successfully.

Zombie War is a multiplayer online video game. Zombies have been running rampant around the neighborhood, so you’ve done all that you can do in order to make things better. Unfortunately, that has not worked out too well for you. Everyone is either dead or has vacated, and there’s nothing left to do but barricade your house and hope that the thick walls of the home are able to keep them at bay until a band of survivors comes to save the day.

To make matters worse, hordes of zombies are continuing to press against your doors and windows, trying their best to destroy them so they can get at what’s within. There may be no other survivor hidden from view in a bedroom or bathroom somewhere – it just might be up to you because everyone who could help you has moved on away from this place! You will not rest until you find a way out of this mess and once again set foot on the open ground! And when that time comes, trust us: it will feel like heaven is right where you stand!

SOS Gaming Experience

In fact, the first First Person Shooter was created in 1979. Gamers have ever since been avidly addicted to FPS games. From their addictive nature, we can see how in the early stages of computer gaming, the genre of FPS and RPG modified over time as graphics and AI improved. One fun example is State of Survival: Zombie Wars – an exciting game available for both iOS and Android devices that mimics many popular features found in shooter and action games today.

Not only have these games evolved to feature stunning graphics but they have also garnered an immense following amongst gamers who are at times even drawn back into primitive arcades with their cult-like player base!

State of Survival Cheat codes

Redeem codes are the best and easiest way to get free-of-cost rewards in any game. Today in this article we will find the latest active redeem codes. People search for State of Survival codes, Cheat codes for the State of Survival, State of Survival codes 2023, State of Survival codes for new players, and State of Survival code generator.

List of State of Survival Redeem Codes

  • 20ShouGatu
  • HINOMARU0127
  • japancoastguard118
  • kuchentvsos (for new players)
  • kujira1209
  • lunarnewyear2022s
  • mendy0125
  • Snowfalling
  • sos1234: (for new players)
  • springfestivaltiger
  • 224MoonLightMask
  • NyanNyanNyan222
  • happy23rd
  • sosluckydog
  • loveVSzombie
  • AngelWhisper217
  • 215haruNo1
  • zombieromance
  • 210ri
  • 28tori
  • TigerFahad
  • mendy0125
  • Japancoastguard118
  • J0ke1nthebox
  • S0076EA48ED2
  • 22dogfrank019
  • Happy2022NY
  • OtsuKaresama1228
  • SOS119

State of Survival codes 2023

The game is really great when it comes to its story. There are a lot of survival games available these days but this is full of too many surprises. State of Survival: The zombie attack is a survival game that is currently trending due to its environment and graphics alongside the amazing control of guns. It is not that easy to survive in this particular game because you feel as if you are in a real battle with zombies.

Friendly players work their way through the game by completing quests and fighting against different zombie bosses. They can follow State of Survival Codes, State of Survival cheats, and hack codes to expand their virtual arsenal. A gamer can generate unlimited resources for free in-game applications. This is the best way to dive into this game. There are two modes a player can play single and online, but online mode requires an active internet connection! The apocalypse is upon us! The zombies are right outside your door and no one is left to stand in their way. You are the last person left in the neighborhood so you have to do everything you can to survive!

SOS Events

State of Survival codes

State of Survival Gameplay

(Video Credit: Zerw Gameplay)


One of the amazing things about the game is that the developers are constantly updating maps, guns, clothes, tools, and new adventures to keep the momentum up like Christmas, Halloween, or Easter. They also have some hot events like birthday parties or living dead events, where a crowd of zombies spawns on the maps. It is really chaotic and lots of fun.

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